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The whole time, my boyfriend and I were waiting to laugh at some stupid animation of the doll's movement but it NEVER moves. If you're watching a haunted doll film you already have some suspension of disbelief ready.

Childs Play Chucky was friends with a voodoo man I'll buy it, Dolly Dearest released cursed spirit enters a doll I'll buy it, Trilogy of Terror the soul of a warrior is in the doll and the necklace keeps it from moving it works.

The cover doll looks porcelain or something bound in old leather.

When Claire finds an old doll left in the house by the previous occupants, Allyson begins to see sinister changes in her daughter. I don't know where people get off giving it 5 stars. At the half way point when they get to the fathers place it feels like they just outright gave up on any suspense.

When Allyson discovers the doll's dark secret, she and her estranged husband must race against time to stop the entity trying to take over their daughter. First of all -- the acting is the worst I've ever forced myself to watch because I spent the money to rent it. It felt like they tried harder to explain the reason why a doll is possessed than any other haunted doll film I have ever seen.

The film stars LA-based Perth actress Trilby Glover (Righteous Kill, The Starter Wife) and Logie-nominee Ben Mortley (Mc Leod’s Daughters, Lantana, Drift).

Ben recently landed the lead role in Jo-Anne Brechin’s Zelos, filming in January 2016.

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