Real transexual dating

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I also think, without any evidence what so ever that you can still come across 'strange people' who use such sites to prey on others.Even in my situation of being committed to a woman who depends totally on me, I still dream of satisfying a male lover.

to match our bodies with our minds..are still not able or are unwilling to have SRS/GRS. Right before we're about to get intimate with our partner?

I think the partner should not find out by accident, that could lead to a violent incident.

Using TS/TG dating agencies as Janet suggested sounds good but you have to be in big cities for them to be present.

Hari Nef says she has started dating straight men after seeing mostly gay or bisexual men since beginning her transition.

In a major step forward for trans visibility, Nef made history by becoming the first transgender woman to be signed to IMG models in 2015.

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