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Aside from that, the plot was based around totally incompetent adult characters who had no clue what to do with a disabled space station.

The main character narrating as if the space camp was in the past for no apparent reason was bizarre.

A diploma certifies your homeschooler has successfully completed a secondary education.

Although a high school diploma is not as important as the transcripts, all high schoolers want and should have a diploma to prove their accomplishment of finishing high school!

Abruptly, however, the scene changed and Mc Burney was viewed making love in a room above with Carol.

The hotbed atmosphere of sexual repression, empowered females and vengeful jealousy led Edwina to violently attack him - and later led to further retaliation - a gruesome leg amputation with a hacksaw (and brandy as an anesthetic) and lethal poisoning.

Some colleges and employers may assume that the student did not finish high school and may look down on this.

The trainer is actually used to simulate an astronaut's disorientation during weightlessness and train them to respond correctly whilst spinning around and correct a tumbling spacecraft, like the real life incident of the Gemini 8 mission in 1966. Its as if there were no auditioning for the child parts.

Why in the world would a child actor be given a role and have to create a weird southern accent?

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