Internet dating gone wrong stories

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We had both right-swiped each other (Tinder speak for approving the person to contact you) and begun texting shortly after.

He had two jobs, loved biking and burritos — hey, I like one of those things, too! There were small red flags, like when I suggested he look at something on Reddit, he said he wasn't interested because he didn't like wasting time on the Internet.

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I wanted to know your worst online dating tales, and you had some doozies.

We finally get the bill and get outside where she starts screaming at me as we walk to the hotel.

Then I remembered the reason I met her in Boston was just in case things went bad. Oh, the date where the gorgeous lesbian shows up and then proceeds to get completely obliterated.

But I also have a great job, an OK sense of humor, and I've been told I'm cute by people other than my mother.

This article exposes a few details of incidents of woeful internet trysts documented and reported to the authorities in this part of the country.

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