Christian dating and engagement

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Will he or she be a good partner and teammate in life and ministry? Does he or she deliberately live out a life of faith? Is he or she teachable and willing to be influenced by you? Fidelity In Genesis , Moses describes the husband as “holding fast” to his wife.

They will follow through on what they say they will do, and they ask for forgiveness when they don’t. Have you ever challenged his or her inconsistent words and if so, how have they responded? (read this article about Satan’s schemes in pre-martial sexual sin) 5.

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The Bible does not dictate how Christians should spend their engagement, although there are allusions to how engagements worked in Bible times.The groom would return to his father's house and build a room for the future couple.Sometime later, he would go get his bride and bring her to the prepared space.A person may be godly, but if you get bored or don’t enjoy spending time together, its not a good sign. Do you agree on your understanding of the Trinity, the gospel, salvation, sin, and Christ? What does your pastor or pastor’s wife think about him or her? How would you both describe the biblical role of fatherhood and motherhood? Would he be the kind of man you would want to submit to if you got married?Can you see yourself spending the rest of your time growing as friends? Look at the person’s life and start asking some questions about how he or she lives out his or her faith. If you don’t see clear evidence of faith, then you need to ask yourself (and the other person) some hard questions: Do they have a steady devotional life? If you got married sometime soon, what would you be giving up that would be hard to let go? Is she the kind of woman who would willing follow if you got married? Is he or she quick to respond to your needs or the needs of others?

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