Are billy fuccillo and caroline dating

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Syracuse, NY – Billy Fuccillo has heard the rumors — he’s had a heart attack and he’s almost dead, he’s involved in narcotics in Mexico, he’s been arrested by the FBI, he’s in rehab.None of it’s true, said Fuccillo, the owner of the Fuccillo Automotive Group.The guy knows how to get in front of your face the same way Donald Trump does: a concoction of marketing money, screaming erratical statements and an attractive women that kind of just stands behind him.His signature phrase, “it’s gonna be HUUUUGE” has dominated the local airwaves for decades and it has certainly paid off for Fuccillo who has a net worth of 100 million dollars.He bought a second dealership in 1990, beginning a string of dealership purchases all over the country.He says he liked to buy a dealership cheap, and then sell it two years later for a big profit. v=ba Sg3s DJLOU&feature=related For Billy fans (ad for his New York car store): “This is people starting nonsense.” “It all reflects from me not being on the TV,” he said.Fuccillo hasn’t been in his signature commercials lately because he has been getting a new car dealership up and running in Cape Coral, Fla.

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Rick Case Kia in Sunrise, Florida has a giant 260,000-square-foot dealership standing five stories high claiming it's the world's largest Kia dealership.That store is the company’s largest, selling almost 1,000 cars a month, and it requires a lot of attention from him, Fuccillo said.There’s even a Billy Fuccillo Facebook page with his picture and catchphrase, the word “Huge,” posted on it.It appears that his commercials are never edited, and it’s most likely not the case that he has anybody telling him what he should or should not say.A majority of his commercials feature Billy talking off-the-cuff to the camera accompanied by a good looking blonde named Caroline, as well as “TV Pitchman” Tom Parker who makes a living doing ad-lib commercials like these.

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